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Your Mobile Phone is Equipped to Improve Your Quality of Sleep

Your mobile phone can be helpful in correcting a chaotic sleep cycle. There are various functions that can restore stability to your circadian rhythm. 


Your Phone Can Help You Sleep Better: Here is How

The dominant narrative of the modern day and age is that our phones greatly dimmish our quality of sleep. While this is certainly true, placing the blame for our declining health on technology that has become fundamentally integrated into every facet of our life is somewhat of a pointless conversation. The truth of the matter is that phones are not going anywhere. Neither is our need to sleep – well not yet anyway. 

Instead of painting an image of evil little boxes that are out to destroy our cells and ultimately consume our lives, let us focus on the multitude of ways in which our phones are equipped to actually help us significantly improve our quality of sleep.

Meditation Apps

The practice of meditation boasts a wide range of wonderful benefits. Not only does it serve to drastically decrease feelings of stress, thus improving your mental health and concentration, but studies indicate that individuals who regularly make use of mobile meditation apps have reduced cortisol and blood pressure levels. Meditation can help manage the symptoms of asthma, chronic pain, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and tension headaches. 

Managing these conditions coupled with a more stable state of mental wellbeing will significantly improve your quality of sleep while also decreasing the time it takes you to fall asleep. Furthermore, the number of times your sleep is interrupted throughout the night will lessen. 

Music and Podcasts

If you do not find peace in the still silence of meditation then perhaps a form of light non-visual entertainment will help you drift effortlessly into dreamland. If you are wanting to listen to music, then a gentle genre is always preferable. Similarly, you should choose a podcast that is enjoyable but not over-engaging. If you are too invested in the topic, you will be mentally stimulated which only serves to delay your rest. 

If your mobile phone has a timer, investigate whether you can select the ‘stop playing’ option for when the timer ends. This will stop the music or podcast after a time of your choosing meaning that you can fall asleep without the worry of something playing throughout the night. 

Sleep Time Reminders 

Many modern mobile phones allow you to set a bedtime. This means that when the time is approaching for you to wind-down, your phone automatically reminds you and turns on a blue light filter. You might even want to invest in blue light glasses. The bedtime function includes a morning-alarm thus allowing you to establish a regular sleep cycle that ensures you are getting your necessary 8 hours. 

Utilise a Sleep Tracker

Technology has advanced to the point where we can enjoy the best games online and the sensors in your phone can perform the same function as a $400 sleep tracking device. Some apps work in conjunction with a smart watch although there are many that operate independently. By tracking your sleep, you gain valuable insight into the intricacies of your circadian rhythm. When you understand this, you are able to make the necessary adjustments to improve your quality of sleep. 

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