5 Simple and effective ways to practice and preach sustainable living

This New Year’s we should promise to integrate sustainable living practices in our daily routine. We tend to spend time on our hobbies and other leisurely activities like binge-watching, exercising, gaming, online gambling, etc. To get a hang of online gambling, read more about the games and their features to select the best option of your choice. It’s imperative to give attention to the environment around us. It’s time we change that and utilise these following, easy ways of sustainable living.

Become a slow fashion enthusiast

People are planning to switch from fast fashion to slow fashion. Fast fashion brands have become the centre of controversy as they have been known towards causing great wastage of products and polluting the environment. Moreover, most fast fashion brands are known to be very expensive and adopt unethical business practices as most of their clothes are manufactured through the exploitative and unpaid labour of children and women who are compelled to work under harsh, unsanitary conditions without getting any benefits or incentives. Slow fashion is evolving as a popular fashion trend among the environmentally-conscious people and is seen as a suitable and sustainable alternative to fast fashion products. Slow fashion is cheap and affordable. They use natural and sustainable fabrics and materials for their clothes like jute, helm, etc. The reuse value of the clothes is high. When it comes to style and panache, slow fashion has more variety than fast fashion brands. The latter has been accused of catering towards one body type whereas slow fashion brands empower all body types.

Support local farms

Though people are shifting towards veganism for better food alternatives, they should call out the hidden privilege associated with this food practice. Vegan products are very expensive and the marginalised people cannot afford to buy these products. There are communities and occupations which require them to consume meat regularly in their diet. Veganism, unfortunately, is a luxury only a few people can afford and is restricted towards the elitist and upper echelons of the society. What people should practice is intersectional veganism which ensures economical and sustainable ways of making the products available to the masses. For meat lovers, they should switch over to consuming meat products that utilise sustainable agricultural practices and meat manufacturing procedures. They should start buying organic, fresh and locally grown vegetables and meat directly from the farmer’s market thereby lending support to local farming businesses.

Go plastic-free

Numerous studies have proved how plastics can be damaging to the environment, yet people are not able to give up on plastic bags. It’s high time for people to get rid of the plastics from their lives and shift towards adopting other viable options than plastic. You can use reusable jute bags or paper bags for shopping. Change your plastic bottles towards metal containers and avoid plastic packaging of any kind. We should become plastic-free and become more environmentally responsible.  

Make your home a safe and green space

While living at home, you can still live sustainably. You should reduce electricity consumption and switch off the lights when it’s not necessary. Move over to eco-friendly and energy conscious light bulbs and other electronic appliances. You should opt for greening your homes. Greening your homes means making it more energy-efficient. You should not use flammable and VOC based products for furnishing and painting.

No water wastage

We knowingly and unknowingly waste water. Statistics and studies have revealed that by the next 10 years, most of the groundwater and other water bodies will dry up and we will be not having sufficient water. This fact alone should raise alarm. Turn off the tap whenever you have finished bathing or any bathroom-related activity. Try to take shorter showers and slowly switch over to bucket water as it consumes less water. Reduce the use of dishwashers and other appliances that rely on heavy intake of water.

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