Warzone Season Four Released! What’s New?

Fans of Call of Duty are eager to play the game’s latest update. The good news is that Warzone’s season four is never available to the public meaning you can enjoy it immediately. The update was released on June 22. It was released to change the game in numerous ways. Furthermore, it should be enough to keep players busy until the company releases Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 later this year. What should you know about Warzone season four? How will it change your favorite COD game? Continue reading the guide below to find out.

When Is Warzone Season 4 Available?

Thankfully, fans can already play the fourth season of Warzone. The update was released on June 22, 2022, around 9 AM PT. In the United Kingdom, it was available at 5 PM. The Vanguard update arrived late June 21 so fans could download it in anticipation of the release. However, it is a must to pay for the base game first. The update brings many new changes, including new modes, map updates, and a handful of new features. More about these changes will be provided below.

Massive Map Updates

Once you’ve played this game for many years, you can guarantee that you’re going to get bored of the maps. Knowing everything about the maps means that there will be no suspense. Rest assured knowing that the season four update is going to provide many updates to the in-game maps. For instance, there will be a new Warzone map. While Caldera and Rebirth Island can still be accessed, players will have access to a new map called Fortune’s Keep. It is usable as a Resurgence Battle Royale map.

Another thing to note is that the Caldera map has been updated. Micro POIs and Storage Town have been added to this map. Vanguard fans can look forward to playing the new USS Texas 1945 map. The new Fortune’s Keep map has a lot to offer. For instance, you can enjoy close-quarters combat in the local town. You can also reach the rooftop and gain an advantage over your enemies.

The map also features a smuggler’s cove, winery, and keep. The cove has numerous caves so you can ambush your enemy when they’re least expecting it. Either way, players will enjoy exploring these new maps and finding out how to use the landscapes to their benefit.

Caldera Changes

The Caldera map is still available after the latest update. Fans are happy that a new point of interest was added. Now, fans can begin shooting each other in Storage Town. Most Verdansk players will remember this map since it used to be popular. However, the Caldera map in season four is slightly different. The team has also made minor updates to the current Caldera map.

You will find new pathways to explore. The Gondola Station and Capital Buildings have new scaffolding. Players will likely be able to find mercenary vaults and they’ll notice that some of the lakes and streams have dried up. New camps can be found throughout the map too.

New Modes

You’ll be thrilled to learn that the update is going to enable several new game modes. For instance, players can now enjoy Golden Plunder, Titanium Trials: Endurance, Rebirth of the Dead, and Fortune’s Keep Resurgence. These modes keep the game interesting even if you’ve played the previous season for a long time. With this update, you’re going to be able to explore new maps and new modes. The Fortune’s Keep Warzone map is approximately the same size as Rebirth Island. There are four unique points to check out.

When playing on this map, you should explore the town, smuggler’s cover, winery, and keep. Don’t forget to try the Warzone ESP hack from The new modes are indeed going to make the game more exciting. Plus, it will be less likely that you’re going to get tired of playing the same modes.

SUV & More Caldera Additions

The Caldera map features an armored SUV so you can move around quickly. You’ll also find several ATMs that will provide you with quick cash in Plunder modes. Since the money respawns regularly, it is wise to keep an eye on them. The EMP Grenade can be helpful when dealing with complex scenarios. Once you’ve used it, the grenade will stop your opponents’ HUDs from working.

Vargo S

The update adds a new weapon to the Warzone arsenal. The Vargo S is an assault rifle described by many players as being better than the Vargo 52. The features include an MX silencer muzzle, hard-scope, G16 2.5x optics, Mirzoyan ANC stock, and Mirzoyan 313mm custom barrel. 

The Vargo S has enhanced recoil control and damage range. These features alone make for a much better weapon for long-range. It is recommended to pair the Vargo S with the G16 2.5x to boost your ability to target enemies at long range.

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