Top 5 Poker Podcast You shouldn’t Miss

In recent times, podcasts have gained great importance in any niche. The most popular casino games like poker are no exception. It can be poker strategies, news, or tricks, the podcasts are having the most essential roles in all the way if you really want to learn something interesting. So, if you wish to know the best poker podcasts, here we have accumulated the top 5 of them which can help you to learn a lot of stuff about the most exciting casino game. So, with no further ado, let’s read more to explore the top 5 poker podcasts and gain expertise in the game of poker.

The Red Chip Poker Podcast

In our top recommendation, we have listed the “Red Chip Poker Podcast” as it offers multiple coaching sessions with the experts in the game of poker. This podcast has gained huge popularity among poker lovers with more than 2.5 million massive downloads. This weekly show is hosted by Zac Shaw where you can learn smart poker tricks and strategies by the experts. The good news is that you can even get to watch the past episodes too at their archive section if you have missed any of them. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or experienced in poker, this podcast is having the potential to reach you to the next level in that particular game for sure.

The Thinking Poker Podcast

The next one in our recommendation is the “Thinking Poker Podcast” hosted once in a week by Nate Meyvis and Andrew Brokos. With this show you can get to know several next-level strategies, tricks, advice and a lot of important information related to the game of poker and that too in a very simple way so that you can understand it without having any complications. The hosts of this show conduct several interviews with many poker celebrities so that you can get to know their real life experiences and advice from different aspects. This show is really a killer performer in terms of motivating the players.

The Rake Podcast

The Rake Podcast shows runs once in a week, hosted by Marle Cordeiro and Jamie Kerstetter. This show can help you to get all the gossip and important news of poker so that you can not miss out a single piece of information. Although, here in this podcast, you can not get hardcore poker strategies or tricks from the experts but still this show can keep you up to date with a lot of news. You can get to know a variety of news from this show. The news can be anything, even a scandal on the poker table as well. So, with this podcast you can get a lot of infotainment.

Poker On the Mind Podcast

The next one in our recommendation is the Poker on the Mind Podcast which is hosted every week by two great coaches. Among the two legends of the poker industry, one is Gareth James and another is Dr.Tricia Cardner. You can expect a mix of strategies and mindset in this podcast. As you might know that only strategies can not make you win all the time. You should have a proper mindset too if you really want to get expertise in poker. Moreover, this show has enough potential to keep your mindset positive on the poker table every time.

Smart Poker Study Podcast

The Last one in our recommendation is the “Smart Poker Study Podcast”, hosted by the most hardworking and successful fellow, Sky Matshuhashi. With more than 250 exciting episodes, you can learn a lot of essential poker strategies that may help you in winning the hands repeatedly. Especially, if you are among the newcomers in this particular game then this podcast can really make you prepare for the game with many important tricks and strategies from the experts. 

The Final Thought

So, we hope that you will appreciate our efforts here in this article as we have tried our best to guide you towards the right direction with our top class podcast recommendations. This is undoubtedly true that apart from our suggestion, there are more podcasts available too which can really help you out in the game of poker, but here we have suggested the best podcasts after considering several different aspects. Therefore, it is advised that you should try out our top 5 list at least once to get the best podcast experience. 

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