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Mobile Penetration Testing

The development of technologies increases the level of application vulnerability and the number of hacker attacks.

The development of technologies increases the level of application vulnerability and the number of hacker attacks. Huge corporations, as well as small companies, constantly use a large number of applications for different purposes. Such a wide digitalization allows hackers to identify new weaknesses in apps and exploit them to steal data. To avoid possible negative situations, all modern companies implement mobile application penetration testing. This technique is a perfect tool for determining the level of security inside the process of mobile development.


One more important technique for evaluation of the level of data security is smart contract security audit. The above-mentioned approach intends to introduce considerable changes in the current state of contractual terms between companies or organizations. 

The Purpose of Application Penetration Testing 

Mobile Application Penetration Testing is the process of searching and identifying the possible vulnerabilities in mobile development. After the penetration test, every developer receives a list of existing drawbacks of a particular application that can be easily used by hackers. Besides, the team of professionals provides any client with detailed instructions on how to deal with the revealed problems and eliminate the potential ones. Application penetration testing aims at not only fixing the internal flaws but also at maintaining a strong reputation of a developer. It is not advisable to launch a project without implementing the penetration testing services as it may lead to unpleasant user experience and data leaks.

The Purpose of Smart Contract Security Audit

Smart Contract Security Audit is based on the idea of safer and more effective managing of common contractual terms between organizations. With the implementation of this system, you get aware of the level of security of your smart contract and how it can be increased. It is necessary to know that a smart contract security audit protects the company from financial damages and contributes to its reputation. The number of undertaken tests indicates the incredible level of reliability and worthiness of a company. 

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