Life changing slot wins that have marked the casino history

When we are gaming online, many of us if not most of us are mainly doing it just to have fun, and no this is not always the case every single time but it is the first reason that we want to go online and have a go at a game in the first place. We just want to unwind and have fun at the end of the day.

But winning does come as a nice added bonus, and in order to win, one must learn how to win slots. And there are indeed some life changing slot wins that have marked the casino history to give us some real hope. So although a lot of us do online game to have fun, we do also want to do it to win, and we all know that slot wins can really be life changing. 

There have been some amazing slot wins over the last two centuries which have been absolutely life changing to those who have won them, and to the games which they have been won from, with both being rewarded by a greater reputation than ever before. 

Arcade Bomb wins £75,000 

One lucky winner in January of 2019 were really having a lucky day when they gambled 20p and were rewarded with a massive £75,000 after trying their hand playing the slot game Arcade Bomb – this slot game has a spin value of 447,338x too, so this was no risk-free act. What a heart in the mouth moment for that player! 

Mega Moolah wins 13 million euros 

Well, this is one aptly titled slot game. In 2019, there was a player who managed to win themselves a huge 13 million euros, and this was only from a single spin, believe it or not. And, as if that could not be enough, this is one slot game in particular which has in fact been known in the gaming scene to pay out a higher amount than that. 

Multifruit 81 wins £290,000 

This is one huge win, and while it did not make it to the list of the biggest wins in history, this total is certainly one that is absolutely going to change the winner’s life. So, as if the random luck of choosing this slot game was not enough, the gambler then continued playing the game at the Energy Casino. 

Once the game was over, rather than going for gold and cashing in the already fantastic win, this player who was actually gaming online took the decision to game on the double staxx as well as carried on playing the £200 a spin game – we did not say the win came cheap. 

But then, luckily for this player they just so happened to be on a winning streak, and their calculated gamble gave them a pay off as they walked away from the game with a life changing win amount of almost £300,000. 

Jammin’ Jars wins £18,000 

But do not worry, there is no reason on earth that you should play a game that is £200 a spin in order to be in with the running of winning in the big leagues. In January 2019, (a lucky month and year or what), one lucky punter at Casumo changed their luck and life for the better. 

Taking a gamble on a spin that cost just one pound, this lucky gambler ended up taking home the whopping total of £18,000 in winnings which is one that has gone up on the leaderboard with the Jammin’ Jars game. 

Jackpot wins in casino history 

It might be fair to say that mega jackpots and winning mega jackpots are something that dreams are made of, and what can be said of daily jackpots? With must win jackpots at Casumo you can find gaming options which are in fact, almost certainly going to pay out during different specific times during the day. 

And, while we might not be talking about millions here, in fact we are not, but you really can not go wrong if you win £10,000 from a 40p spin from a slot like Dragon’s Luck, or end up going home with a weighty £4,000 from a 20p spin at Tiki Fruits. 

Jackpot slot wins and other life changing slot wins have been one of the most talked about experiences in the gaming world and over the years, and as the list has shown, you do not need to wager massive amounts to win a life changing massive amount. 

More life changing wins in history 

In 2013, one lucky winner got a huge win on Mega Moolah, and soon after that Finnish player then won more on the Mega Fortune slot, and now both have around $20 million in the bank. Proving even though the Finnish player is rumoured to have won $30,000 less than the Brit winner, it would be untrue to say either lost out on anything really. 

The Finnish winner was said to nearly give up before deciding to carry on, which is wise because sometimes it’s just not your lucky day. But he persevered, and it turned out it was for him after all as he hit the record breaking jackpot. 

In 2011, a young Norwegian could not sleep. So what do they do? What every other young person does when they can not sleep – he goes online. With Mega Fortune he won about $12.5 million. This proves that insomnia is not always a bad thing. 

Then, in 2016 a man named Marcus Goodwin tried his luck while he decided to play on the slot game Mega Moolah, and then the big jackpot struck on November 5th, 2016 and he walked away with a whopping sum of $11.6 million in his pocket. 

Another lad who did good with an online casino, he recorded a video to celebrate his fantastic win and explained he did not really know what he would do to get through all of that money, but there is no doubt he will not find it hard to put it to good use.

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