How Progressive Jackpot Slots Work

One of the most exciting things in life is watching, or winning yourself, an eye wateringly huge jackpot on a television game show or slot machine. You just cannot argue with it; programs like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Deal Or No Deal, The Weakest Link or The Chase would not be nearly as possible if it were not for the crazy amount of money available for the winners.

As with many basic human things, the slots industry has picked up on this, and as a result created what can be the most lucrative game in many casinos – the progressive jackpot slot. As you may have guessed from its name, a progressive jackpot is a constantly growing jackpot, until someone had the good fortune to win. It goes up with every loss, and as we will see this could get dangerous when playing these online casino slots. 

What Are Casino Jackpots Slots

As aforementioned, a progressive jackpot is one that rises by a few pennies every time there is a losing player, which is a lot. Their odds of giving small pay-outs, even to regular customers who know their way around the games, are rather small. Never fear though, progressive jackpots are always ready to give massive rewards to those lucky enough to play and win.

How Jackpot Slots Work in Casinos? 

The basic model of progressive jackpot slots is pretty simple; a minimum jackpot is set on a machine or online video slot that then increases, by a slight amount after every losing spin. This amount is predetermined and will never vary, apart from in a select few cases. After an unspecified, and random, amount of time a winner will eventually be found – after this the jackpot resets to its minimum and the process starts again.

There are differences in different types of progressive jackpots though, and whilst they all work on the same principle, it pays off to know the ins and outs. The most simplistic progressive jackpot machines are standalone, this means that the jackpot increases with each loss, but only on the singular game. Differing to this are local progressive jackpot machines, in which the prize is linked across several games, increasing with each losing spin across the network. Lastly there are network progressive jackpots – this is where there are a large number of games all linked to the same progressive jackpot network. Some seriously big bucks can be won here. 

Do progressive slots really work?

Winning multiple millions of dollars off of one-spin sounds a bit fantastical doesn’t it? We wouldn’t blame you if you began to question the validity of progressive jackpots, but rest assured, they definitely do work. For instance, several lucky gamblers have won absolutely colossal amounts off of the famous Las Vegas Megabucks machines (network progressive jackpot slots).

The largest recorded amount to date was $39 million, an eye-watering amount to win off of a reel spin that takes only a matter of seconds. Las Vegas Megabucks machines are unique in offering wins quite this large, but in the online casino sphere there have also been some pretty sizeable examples. Take the £13.2 million won on a Mega Moolah slot for instance. You just cannot say they don’t work.

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