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Discover Some Of This Year’s Best Apps For Android Devices

Are you looking for the best apps to install on your Android phone? Look no further – we have a list of this year’s greatest Android apps for you.


The Best Apps For Your Android Phone


Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and for good reason. Gone are the days of needing complex set-ups to find information and to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. Android devices give us everything we need at the touch of a button. You can make the most of your Android phone by installing some of the best apps around onto your device. Take a closer look at our favourite ones below.




DoodleLens is the perfect app for the digital age that has turned everyone into a photographer in their own right. While perhaps a bit of a gimmick, this app provides users with plenty of fun. All one needs to do is doodle whatever they wish within the app’s interface. Then, the app will allow you to paste it in on top of an image of the world around you using augmented reality technology. It will also allow users to change the colour of their doodles, multiply them and edit them. It’s the perfect app to bring a smile to your face. 


Brave Privacy Browser


This app is perfect for users who are concerned about their online safety. The Brave Privacy Browser offers plenty of features that are aimed at protecting users on the web. It includes built-in ad blockers and also blocks pop-ups, third-party cookies and scripts. Furthermore, the app implements the HTTPS Everywhere extension, so all connections to websites remain secure. This app is very easy to use and won’t take up much space on your device. 




Duolingo is an excellent app for anyone looking to learn another language. The app turns leaning a new tongue into a game with bite-sized lessons and a friendly interface. Duolingo users all start with very simple vocabulary as a foundation and are able to build on from there. The more the app is used, the more features it will unlock. The app is currently free and supports Dutch, French, Danish, Irish, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Portuguese. 




Fitbit is one of the most popular fitness trackers out there. Anyone with a Fitbit tracker needs to install the app in order to accurately manage their movement. However, the app also works for those of us who don’t own a tracker. Provided your Android device meets the app’s minimum hardware requirements, the Fitbit app will count steps and log activities to help users meet their daily goals. It also has great social features which will allow you to compete against your friends. 




Asana is the perfect app for anyone who needs a bit of help when it comes to task management and want extra time to play top games. The app is excellent at managing workflow and helps you assign tasks to different users if you’re working in a team. These tasks can be accessed offline and then can be synched and updated once the user is back online. Asana’s app is very easy to use, and users can expect to see new features added to the app’s interface quite regularly.


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