Bingo Around the World

Though there are some discrepancies, the game of Bingo is played in many different countries around the world. It has changed over time but it is still very much the game that we have come to know and love as Bingo today. If you are planning on doing some extensive travelling or emigrating, then this could be a good article for you to read, as playing Bingo in a new country is a great way for you to make new friends with a common interest. Free Bingo is also a very fun, relaxing and highly rewarding game that anyone can play, so why not start playing if you haven’t played before? 

Bingo in Italy

Many people believe that it is in Italy where Bingo has its roots. There are records that show that Bingo has been played here since 1530 although there are other countries who do not agree that they have been beaten to the post here. As there is so much history in Italian Bingo, there are thousands of Bingo halls all across Italy and despite advances in technology, Bingo still remains as popular as ever in this part of the world. Apparently, its popularity came about thanks to its connections to the Italian Lottery, although playing Bingo is not the first thing we tend to think of when we are planning a trip to Italy. 

Bingo in Britain

Though Bingo is a game commonly associated with Britain, it does not have a particularly advanced history with this country. It has actually on been recorded as being played here since the 60s as the game we play today, although there are some variations that have been recorded as having been recorded prior to this.  Britain’s first Bingo hall was not created until the 60s and has been very successful ever since it was created, although the advancement of technology is seeing this change now. It is said that British Bingo players are the most passionate Bingo players in the world but funnily, it is usually the older, retired members of the British public who are associated with the game. With Bingo apps and online games sweeping the nation, the younger generations are becoming quickly more interested in playing Bingo and crushing the stereotype that you have to have grey hair in order to play. With life being faster paced than ever, the ease, speed and accessibility of online Bingo has meant that more people have had their eyes opened to playing Bingo in Britain so an increase in Bingo of a different kind has begun. There are multiple different types of Bingo played in the UK. They have very similar rules of play, but the number of balls in play is different. The most common game played in Bingo halls in Britain is 90 ball Bingo, but 75 and 80 ball Bingo can be played easily online. 

Germanic Bingo

Though there is evidence to show that the Germans took to Bingo playing in the 1880s, the Italians clearly still beat them to it when it comes to taking responsibility for this game. It is not called Bingo here though, it is called Lottospiel and house is not shouted but “volltreffer” instead. The rules applied to the Germanic style of Bingo are very easily followed by British players due to their similarity.

The style of Bingo played in Germany is much a bit more risky as they use it as such a prominent entertainment strategy. However, it is also used in the classroom to help children to learn specific topics such as times tables, spellings, historical facts and many other things. As it is used so much and so frequently in the educational settings of Germany, each generation has their familiarities with the game and frequently go on to play the game as adults for money instead. There are now more than 40 registered Bingo halls in Germany for entertainment purposes. 

Bingo playing in Romania

There are lots of very vague laws about gambling in Romania, but despite this, there is a huge Bingo following. It is so big in fact, that this is actually the country where Bingo is second most popular behind Britain. Similar to Britain, the Romanians did not start to live their best Bingo lives until the 90s but they have set up a great deal of Bingo halls and enjoy many different online Bingo sites in this time. In fact, one of the most watched TV shows in Romania is Bingo and it gets this award every single year. 

US Bingo

As with many gambling based games, the US is thought to be where Bingo originates from. It is said that Edward Lowe took the idea from a travelling carnival he once saw and then created a game from this idea that would be translatable to the masses. Apparently, he travelled all over America with this style of Bingo that he had created which has been altered slightly by each descendant to become the game we all know to be Bingo today.

Most Americans now enjoy playing 75 ball Bingo but the most common format for Bingo to be played is for educational purposes, like in Germany. 

Japanese Bingo

Whereas many countries have enjoyed the bricks and mortar style Bingo hall, the Japanese have taken only to the online style of Bingo. Their laws surrounding gambling, especially when it comes to the online variety are changing and with this brings their increased love of online Bingo. But they are the second biggest users of online Bingo. Who is the largest? 

Bingo in Sweden

The biggest lovers of Bingo are the Swedes and no one knows whether this is because it is one of the few gambling activities not totally ruled over by the state or for some other reason. Swedish Bingo is commonly played by a much younger audience than most other countries, with the most common varieties being 75 and 90 ball Bingo. Swedish Bingo is very similar to British Bingo so you could easily jump right in and start playing with no confusion at all.

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